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The United Graduate School of Theology at Yonsei University (UGST) was
established in 1964 with a grant from the Theological Educational Fund of World Council of Churches which united many major theological institutions such as Yonsei College of Theology, the Korean College of Theology, the Methodist College of Theology, and the Presbyterian College of Theology and so on, which all belong to the National Counsel Churches in Korea(NCCK).

The purpose of UGST is to provide a high quality theological training through academic creativity and critical research, in order to raise both the standard of theological education and church leaders, and to contribute to the development of Korean theology.

Throughout its history, UGST has produced pioneers and leaders of the Korean church, serving as a learning ground to cultivate highly qualified theologians and ministers. In its 48 years of history, UGST has graduated 1,304 students with master's degrees, and 3,338 students have completed its extension programs(August of 2011).

Currently, the student body is comprised of 152 students which include nineteen foreign students: There are 113 students pursuing a Master's degree, 39 students in the Doctoral program, and 152 students in the extension program.