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Yonsei University is striving to offer as many English-taught courses as possible for those come from various department. However, due to insufficient resourses and language barriers as a non-English native country, it is not easy for us to extent its numbers of courses for the various fields. Per semester, Yonsei opens about 200 to 250 English-taught undergraduate courses and 100 graduate courses for the international exchange and visiting students with the allowance of about 5 seats for each course.

Difficulty in Online Course Registration : each semester, not only domestic degree seeking students of Yonsei, Incoming Exchange (visiting) students are struggling to register for their wish courses through the online course registration system. Please keep in mind that this process would be a click-away, so someone says it is like a lucky-draw.  Therefore, student, who failed to register for their wish courses, should look for the possibility of getting a seat with the professor of the course.

Business & Economics courses are in high demand every semester, so, maximum 3 classes on the subject per semester is allowed. Moreover, this chance is given to the exchange students in priority.

Course Level can be checked by the code of courses. If a course's code number is 1000 level, it means the course is classified as General Edcuation and Lower Level courses. From 2000 to 4000, it can be a major course. could be upper level.  From 5000 or above, the course is classified as a Graduate Course.

Course Load is limited to minimum 9 credits for all incoming exchange (visiting) students, while maximum is 18 credits for undergraduate and 15 for graduate students. If a student takes the Morning Korean Language course designed and offered for the regular Korean Language Institute (http://www.yskli.com) students, the maximum course load is limited to 12 credits including the 6 credits for the Morning Korean Language course.

Course Drop and Add Period meets for 3 days only, in the first class week of the semester. This process is only done through the Yonsei Portal System's Course Registration Menu. As Incoming Exchange and Visiting students are given two previous course registration chances, please make sure to complete your course registration process in time.  

Course Withdrawal Period meets for 3 days, and it is in the last week of the first month (March and September). Student who missed to drop from a course can withdraw from a course in this period. And no record for the course will be remained. And this process is also done through the Yonsei Portal System only.  As this process is the last chance for your decision not to continue your course, student must stick to the courses after this period. Again there is no chance to drop from a course

Therefore, please consider your study plan with the previous English-taught courses offered by each college or by the office of International Affairs.

Available Fields of English-taught Courses

   1. Undergraduate Level: Korean Language, Limited Business & Economics, Politics, Sociology, Engineering, Sciences, Natural Science, Human Ecology, Some of Liberal Arts Majors, Number of Courses offered by Underwood International College, Study Abraod Courses coded with IEE (which are mainly Korean studies, and open to international exchange and visiting students only). Most of Korean-taught college courses are also available to Int'l exchange and visiting students who are fluent in Korean.

The following table has more details on the English course and the opening Seats per class.

This talbe has been made as of May 1st, 2012.



Availibility (X=>open by Korean only)

Number of English-taught Classes

Average Number of Classes

Open Seat per Class






Colllege of Economics Economics* O 14 9 13 7 7
Colllege of Economics Applied Statistics O 2 2 2 7 7
College of Business Business* O 21 21 35.5 5 5
College of Human Ecology Human Environment & Design O 4 5 4.5 5 5
College of Human Ecology Food & Nutrition O 4 2 3 5 5
College of Human Ecology Department of Child and Family Studies O 6 5 5.5 5 5
College of Human Ecology Clothing & Textiles O 2 1 1.5 2.5 5
College of Engineering Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering X 12 8 11 0 0
College of Engineering Electrial and Electronic Engineering O 17 19 40 5 5
College of Engineering Architectural Engineering O 5 5 28 5 5
College of Engineering Urban Planning and Engineering O 2 2 2 5 5
College of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering O 11 14 15 5 5
College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering O 9 7 9 10 10
College of Engineering Materials Science & Engineering O 8 9 8.5 3 3
College of Engineering Industrial and Information Engineering X 5 5 5 0 0
College of Engineering Computer Science O 2 4 5 5 5
College of Engineering Engineering College Common O 4 5 5.5 5 5
College of Liberal Arts Library and Information Science X 4 5 0 0 0
College of Liberal Arts Pyschology O 2 2 2 5 5
College of Liberal Arts Philosophy O 1 1 1 20 20
College of Science  Mathematics** O 6 7 6.5 5 5
College of Science Chemistry** O 4 5 4.5 5 5
College of Science Department of Astronomy O 3 2 2.5 5 5
College of Science Earth Science X 0 0 0 0 0
College of Science Physics X 0 0 0 0 0
College of Social Science Sociology O 2 2 2 5 4
College of Social Science Political Science O 6 4 5 5 5
College of Social Science Social Welfare O 2 2 2 5 4
College of Social Science Public Administration O 4 2 3 3 0
College of Social Science Communication O 5 2 3.5 5 5
College of Social Science Cultural Anthropology O 2 2 2 5 5
College of Theology Theology O 2 2 2 5 5
College of Law Law O 2 2 2 5 5
Underwood International College Common Curriculum O 14 15 15.5 5 5
Underwood International College Comparative Literature Course O 11 9 10 5 5
Underwood International College Economics* O 1 1 1 5 5
Underwood International College International Studies O 12 7 9.5 5 5
Underwood International College Political Science/Int'l Relations O 9 11 10 5 5
Underwood International College LSBT O 7 8 7.5 5 5
Study Abroad Course*** Korean Studies and Course O 25 25 26 30 30
*classes are open to Exchange Students who are majoring in Business or Economics in Priority. Even those can take the classes up to 3 classes per semester.
**classes are lectured in English, Yet, its Lab or Tutorial times are assisted by T.A. in Korean
***classes are only opened to Int'l Study Abroad Students, Exchange and Visiting Students, and offered by Yonsei Office of International Affairs (OIA). OIA also offers Afternoon Korean Language classes in association with Yonsei Korean Language Institute (KLI). The Korean Language classes are taught in Korean.


   2. Graduate Level: Graduate courses offered by Yonsei Graduate School, Graduate courses offered by Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS). Graduate Level course is only open to Exchange Students, as Each graduate school runs their own non-degree program.

Not Possible Fields: Law School, MBA, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Music, Fine Arts

   Exception: If a separate exchange agreement has been establisehd for Law School or Global MBA, nominated students will be assisted by each school to register for the courses.

Course Catalogue and Syllabi from 2003 Fall semester are available at the Portal system, which cotains the University's Academic Management Information. If you want to search what courses were offered in English in the previous semesters, please browse as below.

*To view Yonsei Portal System properly, Please read the following instruction before browsing courses with  your computure:.

1. User settings and notices

- The Portal System is optimized for MS Internet 6.0 (resolution 1024*768) or higher versions. If you have problems opening the page or the screen appears distorted, upgrade your Explorer or change your browser.

- Portal system uses a memory cookie; the Portal will not run if the user's computer is set for high security of a Cyberwall prevents cookies.

▷ Web Browser settings:

Web browser [Tools] ->[Internet Options] On the menu, set the Security and Privacy levels to medium levels of security.

▷ Cyberwall Settings: Disable the "cookie blocking" from the your Cyberwall program settings menu.

- When using the Portal Service in computer labs, Internet Cafes, or other public places, please close all web browser windows to ensure that the cookie does not remain in the computer.

Virus(es) stored in your computer can cause damage to other computers as well as yours. Scan your PC on a regular basis and remove the virus programs if found. Please maintain your PC at its optimal status by following the Information Systems Office's instructions such as installing patches, especially when a virus is widely spread.

2. Go to http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/sso/indexe.jsp

3. Click the "English" button on the top right corner for English service.

. Click on the "Course Catalogue and Syallabi: Undergraduate and Graduate" banner on the main services frame.

. Select Major and Semester or seach the course that you want to know in the blank.

6. Course syllabus is available by clicking on the purple box next to the course code.

7. English-taught course has Reference Number ② in the very right column of the table.

Useful Tips on the Terms & Information used on the Portal system!

■ It is easy to use [Search All] to navigate your courses, from this box, you can directly type a course tile or name of professor, or put course code, after select one from the scroll-down box. Or, you can select English course in the box, then it will show you the list of English-taught courses offered in the designated semester of the year.

General Search Order for Study Abroad Courses; Graduate English courses, Undergraduate level IEE coded courses, Korean Language courses : #1. Choose wish semester and Year > #2. Choose Undergraduate Programs > #3. Study Abroad Course > # 4. Undergraduate, or Graduate, or Korean Language Course

General Search Order for regular college's undergraduate English-taught courses:  #1. Choose wish semester and Year > #2. Choose Undergraduate Programs > #3. select College > # 4. select, deparment or major

■ Offering Semester Distinguished by Number :  1st Semester at Yonsei => Spring semester, So, 2nd Semester => Fall semester. On the Portal Course Catalogue, 'Year 4 digists+1' for Spring, 'Year 4 digists+2' for Fall, 'Year 4 digists+3' for summer. i.e.) 20111, 20112, 20113

② in the reference column means the course is offered in English. And means the course is offered in the Song-do Int'l Campus,not in Shinchon. ⓑ in the reference column means the course is graded on P/NP basis. means the course is taught in its native lanuage for the language classes; Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, etc. ① means the course is meet for 2 hours in class, 1 hour online through YSCEC(http://yscec.yonsei.ac.kr), cyber study support website.

■ Please double check the class search at the Portal system to make sure that courses you plan to take are available in the semester that you have been admitted for.

Since there is limited seats available for exchange and visiting students for all courses offered at Yonsei University, students should also consider preparing a list of alternative courses in case some classes reach capacity or are cancelled.

■ For the courses taught in Korean, Students may be required to translate their syllabi for the credit transfer process at home institution.

Department Email List for Course Offering Information Inquiries;



Email Address

College of Engineering Architectural Engineering archi@yonsei.ac.kr
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering chemeng2750@yonsei.ac.kr
Civil and Environmental Engineering civil@yonsei.ac.kr
Computer Science office@cs.yonsei.ac.kr
Electrical and Electronic Engineering eegogo@yonsei.ac.kr
Information and Industrial Engineering ie@yonsei.ac.kr
Materials Science and Engineering ymse@yonsei.ac.kr
Mechanical Engineering nmh@yonsei.ac.kr
Urban Planning and Engineering urban@yonsei.ac.kr
College of Human Ecology Child & Family Studies childf@yonsei.ac.kr
Clothing & Textiles clo2@yonsei.ac.kr
Department of Human Environment & Design  ysdesign@yonsei.ac.kr
Food and Nutrition fns@yonsei.ac.kr
Housing and Interior Design hnid@yonsei.ac.kr 
College of Liberal Arts Chinese Language and Literature chinese@yonsei.ac.kr
Department of History yhisto@yonsei.ac.kr
Department of Philosophy cholhak@yonsei.ac.kr
English Language and Literature english@yonsei.ac.kr
French Language and Literature franys@yonsei.ac.kr
German Language and Literature ysgerman@yonsei.ac.kr
Korean Language and Literature koreanlit@yonsei.ac.kr
Library and Information Science yslis@yonsei.ac.kr
Psychology psylab@yonsei.ac.kr
Russian Language and Literature slavic@yonsei.ac.kr
College of Life Science and Biotechnology Biochemistry biochem@yonsei.ac.kr
Biotechnology biotech@yonsei.ac.kr
Systems Biology biology@yonsei.ac.kr
Systems Biology biology@yonsei.ac.kr
College of Music Church music yschmu@yonsei.ac.kr
Composition yscomp@yonsei.ac.kr
Instrumental yssymphony@yonsei.ac.kr
Piano yspiano@yonsei.ac.kr
Voice ysvocal@yonsei.ac.kr
College of Science Astronomy eunok1@galaxy.yonsei.ac.kr 
Atmospheric Science atmos@yonsei.ac.kr
Chemistry chem@yonsei.ac.kr
Earth system science earthsys@yonsei.ac.kr
Mathematics math@yonsei.ac.kr
College of Sciences in Education Dept. of Education eduyonsei@yonsei.ac.kr
Physical Education ped3185@yonsei.ac.kr
Sport & Leisure Studies sportleisure@yonsei.ac.kr
College of Social Sciences Anthropolgy anthro@yonsei.ac.kr
College of Social Sciences Communication masscomm@yonsei.ac.kr
Political Science & International Studies politics@yonsei.ac.kr
Public Administration pa2955@yonsei.ac.kr
Social Welfare  welfare@yonsei.ac.kr
College of Theology Theology ysugst@yonsei.ac.kr
Graduate School Business Administration nshin@yonsei.ac.kr
Graduate School of Business  Master of Business Administration mbaprogram@yonsei.ac.kr
Graduate School of International Studies   gsis@yonsei.ac.kr
School of Business   wella@yonsei.ac.kr
School of Economics Applied Statistics stat@yonsei.ac.kr
Economics yonsei-eco@yonsei.ac.kr
Undergraduate INTERDISCIPLINARY MAJOR ysuyongei@yonsei.ac.kr
Underwood International College   uic_aa@yonsei.ac.kr
University College General Education Courses hakbu@yonsei.ac.kr

Course Level by Course Code Number

*BIZ1000~BIZ4000 => Undergraduate Level of Business Courses

*BIZ5000~BIZ9000 => Graduate Level of Business Courses

Credit System

*1 Credit = 16 Class Contact Hours including holidays

*Most of Yonsei Courses are 3 credit course. And the 3 credits courses meet 3 hours per week.

*Yonsei University's One Semester is 16 weeks-long.

■ How to read Yonsei Class Time Period on the Portal

If you look at the portal course catalouge table, you may found out a course's time period as M1,2, T1. It means the course meets every Monday 09 AM to 11 AM, and Tuesday 09 AM to 10 AM.   So, you may add 8 hours to the Time Period, then it will be the real class time.  Please refer to the time table below.

M: Monday, T: Tuesday, W: Wednesday, Th: Thursday, F: Friday


Time Period

Real Class Time

Mon to Fri





















■ Lecture Hall (Classroom Abbreviation Guide)

Check your classroom Information with the following table, and the Campus Map!

Building Name English with Bldg #   /   Korean Name of the Bldg.
Associated College
Appenzeller Hall, #40
Old Theology Hall
Billingsley Hall, #45
Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Baekyang Hall, #29
University College
General Classroom Bldg, #35
Graduate School of Education
Daewoo Hall(Annex), #47
College of Business and Economics


Auditorium (Gak-dang-heon) Located
Daewoo Hall(Main Bldg), #46
Engineering Hall I, #3
College of Engineering
Engineering Hall Auditorium Located
Engineering Hall II, #4
Engineering Hall III, #5
Engineering Research Center, #2
Service Center Located
Gwangbok Hall, #27
College of Law
Gymnasium, #18
College of Medicine, #100
College of Medicine
Main Auditorium, #78
College of Music (Old), #79
College of Music
College of Music (New), #80
New Millennium Hall, #61
Underwood International College Office, Graduate School of International Studies Office
College of Nursing, #86
College of Nursing
Oesol Hall, #34
College of Liberal Arts (Old)
Physical Education Center, #17
Physical Education/Sports & Leisure Studies Department - Swimming Pool Located
Science Hall, #16
College of Sciences
Science Research Center, #15
College of Sciences
Samsung Hall, #25
College of Human Ecology
Theology Hall, #33
College of Theology,
Underwood International College
Widang Hall, #36
College of Liberal Arts
Yeonhui Hall, #43
College of Social Sciences
Yongjae Hall, #77
College of Sciences in Education - Weight Training Room Located
Physical Education Center, #17
Physical Education/Sports & Leisure Studies Department - Swimming Pool Located
수영장 & 체조장
Physical Education Center, #17
Physical Education/Sports & Leisure Studies Department - Swimming Pool Located
Drawing Classroom, #50
Maintenance Bldg.
Drawing Classroom