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Rules and Regulations



Please note that Yonsei University has a strict attendance policy, as any student who is absent from a course for more than 1/3 of the semester will be issued an “F” regardless of his/her achievement in the course. Some professors, however, may have stricter rules. For instance, attendance is taken more seriously in Korean Language Classes.

An “A” grade will not be given to student if (s)he misses more than 20% of class meetings.

Please check the course syllabus or ask your professor to find out the attendance policy for each course.

All incoming Exchange and Visiting students are expected to attend Yonsei from the first day of the semester to the end of final exams.


Code of Conduct & Dismissal


Students are expected to be responsible, honest, and considerate of others. The OIA

reviews the following: actions of students charged with harassment, fraud, infringing on the rights of others, violating the rules and regulations of any University department; behaving inappropriately toward University faculty, staff, or fellow students; the unauthorized use of University facilities or equipment, including computer resources; the alteration or falsification of University records; the unauthorized recording, sale, or purchase of lectures or other instructional materials; destroying or defacing University property; misrepresenting themselves or their University affiliation; and disturbing orderly academic functions and processes. Please note that using lectures or other instructional materials for commercial purposes and defacing University property is strictly prohibited. Any behavior disturbing orderly academic functions and processes will not be accepted. Please be advised that Yonsei University has the right to dismiss any student it deems detrimental to the program. In this case, or in the event of a withdrawal for any reason prior to, or during the program, or if students fail to maintain adequate academic standards or if their behavior is not in keeping with University standards or the laws of Korea, such as illegal drugs and illegal employment, no refund is possible. Any academic regulations not stated here will follow those of Yonsei University, and the laws of Korea. 

-Students failing to register for the required credits during the designated period will be dismissed.


Course Availability

Courses taught in English must have a minimum of five (5) students to be offered, while ten (10) is the minimum for courses taught in Korean. Course cancellation decisions due to low enrollment will be announced in the first week of each semester.  In this case,

please find some alternative courses before the “Course Change Period” is over.

If you need help as a result of course cancellation, please visit the Study Abroad Center.


Course Load (including Korean Language Course credits)

Undergraduate Students: Maximum 18 credits, Minimum 9 credits

Graduate Students: Maximum 15 credits, Minimum 9 credits





                    *Note: if a student registers for less than 9 credits, (s)he will be dismissed from the program.

                           *Note: Minimum Course Load less than 9 credits is only allowed to the exchange student who was                            officially nominated as Internship program participant by the bilateral exchange agreement. The                             exchange student, however, must enroll for more than 6 credits.

                           *Note: Lower Maximum Course Load policy will be applied to the students who are approved to                             take the Morning Korean Language course (Intensive Korean language course).  The approved                             students are only able to take 12 credits per semester.

                           *Note: Moring Korean Language Course (Intensive Korean Language) is only applicable to the                             following majors: Priority Given to the Korean, Korean Study Major, Next Chance to Linquistic, East                            Asian Studies who studied Korean Language course before. So, if you are not mojoring in the                            above sectors, please take the Afternoon Korean Language course.


Course Drop and Change (and Final Course Registration Period)

♠ Period: First Week of Each Semester


Course change (Drop / Add / Confirmation) is available only through the Undergraduate Course Enrollment menu on the Yonsei Portal Site.


Students can refer to their final course registration status, not only during the registration period but also through the Portal’s Academic Management System information after the time period. Students MUST print out their Final Course Registration results, as the Study Abroad Center will not issue a student’s course enrollment confirmation certificate.

Students failing to register (or add) for the minimum required credits by the above course drop and add period will be automatically dismissed from the program.


Class Withdrawal (Final Chance to Drop Courses)

♠ Period: Last Week of Each First Month

Students may withdraw from a class during the designated time period.

It is only possible through the Portal System.

The withdrawn course will still be shown on the course registration system, but the withdrawn course will be deleted before the official transcript issuance.

(This policy is applicable only to the students who are admitted in 2009 and thereafter).

      Go to the English Portal:  http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/sso/indexe.jsp

      Go to Academic Information System (Degree Programs)

      Curriculum > Course Withdrawal > Apply for Withdrawal

      Select the class you are going to withdraw from, and confirm







Again, the minimum course load of nine (9) credits must be maintained even after your course withdrawal has been made. Withdrawn Course will not be evaluated, nor replaced by other courses. Students may not withdraw from courses taken P/NP. There is no “W” given for course withdrawal. Note that course withdrawal will be the last chance you have to drop a course from the schedule.


Course Evaluation Online (For Undergraduate Courses Only)

♠ Period:: From the First Week to the Third Week of June and Demceber

During the designated period in the last month of each semester, students need to complete the on-line Course Evaluation for their courses through the Portal System. It is mandatory in order to check grades online. Only students who finish on-line course evaluation can check their grades during the designated period.


Online Grade Check / Transcript Issuance and Additional Request

♠ Period:  the last week of June and December

   Go to the Portal: http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/sso/indexe.jsp

   Change your initial password before checking your grades online

   Click “Final Grades for Current Semester.” Students should contact the appropriate

*Once Final Grades are released they can not be changed.    

But, if your grades do not Match what your professor has told you, please contact the professor of the course as soon as possible before the end of the grade check period.


Grading Policies

For the final grade assessment, professors will take attendance, class participation, assignments, and the results of any examinations into consideration. Grades are issued on an A+, A0, and A- through F scale, and will be recorded permanently.

After the grade check and correction period, changing grades is not permitted under any circumstances.


¨ Grading Table (by points or percentage)

A +


B +


C +


D +


A 0


B 0


C 0


D 0


A -


B -


C -


D -


Failure (0-62)

-P/NP grade is applied to those courses that have the Reference Code, on the Portal.

-Yonsei does not have an “Incomplete” grade.

-Most of the Yonsei courses taught in Korean are evaluated on the following Curve system.

-English-taught courses, except for the GSIS and Underwood Int’l College courses, are graded without a curve.

-‘F’ grade will be given to student(s) caught cheating.


For classes with 21 or more students: “Grading on a curve”


Top 35 % or above


Next top 35 % or above


For classes with 20 or less students: “Grading on a curve”


Top 40 % or above


Next top 50 % or above


Program Extension

♠ Application Period: From 1st week to the their week of May,  November

The Study Abroad Center will approve program extension applications based on the

following:   “Academic Performance, Attendance, University’s Nomination, and Exchange Balance”

      Written Approval of Home Coordinator

      Extended Overseas Medical Insurance Certificate

      Bank statement (or Financial Aid, Scholarship Certificate) for Tuition & Living Expenses

- Exchange students: minimum amount USD 5,000

- Non-exchange students: Minimum amount USD 10,000 (Including Tuition)

    Request form for extension with student’s signature [Down: Extension Form]

    Tuition Payment (only applied to non-exchange students)

                *Note: Overall GPA should be over C, and if there is an F grade, Temporary Extension

                         Approval may be cancelled.

                *Note: Program Extension is only applicable to those who are currently enrolled for one semester                                long, as Yonsei doesn't enroll exchange or visiting students for more than two semesters.


Program Withdrawal and Tuition Refund


If any student wishes to withdraw completely from the program, he or she must submit the “Written Notice” to the Office of International Affairs (at oia@yonsei.ac.kr).


Due to the exchange balance, exchange students who need to withdraw from the program should send the program withdrawal request from their home school’s exchange program office.


l  Program Withdrawal Deadline for Partial Tuition Refund Period:  From the Oriendation to Last Week of March, September, this partial tuition refund is only applicable to visiting students who paid their tuition to Yonsei University.

n  Tuition Refund (All bank fees will be deducted from the refund amount)

u  By the day before the Semester Orientation: 100%

u  From the Orientation Day to the Last Day of Drop and Add Period: 80%

u  After the Drop and Add Period to the Last Day of Course Withdrawal: 50%

u  After the above period: No Refund is possible.

*For the above deadlines, each of day will end at 17:00.


n  After the above period, if a student wishes to withdraw for emergency, please submit a written notice no later than the date of 2/3 of each semester.

l  Students withdrawing from the program must

n  Submit the written program withdrawal form

n  Inform the professors

n  Vacate the International House, Clear any financial obligations

n  Return all books that were checked-out from the libraries

n  Turn in Yonsei Student ID card to the OIA

n  Leave Korea within 15 days from the withdrawal date (Yonsei reports to the Immigrations office)

Students who simply stop going to class and do not submit the form will receive an “F” for all of their registered courses, and the transcript will be sent to their home university.