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Advance online publication in Cell Death and Differentiation (2012)
관리자 2012.12.30

송재환 교수연구실에서는 최근 tumor suppressor p21acetylation의 조절기작에 대한 논문을 Cell Death and Differentiationadvance online publication으로 게재 하였으며

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Title: Stabilization of p21 (Cip1/WAF1) following Tip60-dependent acetylation is required for p21-mediated DNA damage response



The molecular mechanisms controlling post-translational modifications of p21 have been pursued assiduously in recent years. Here, utilizing mass-spectrometry analysis and site-specific acetyl-p21 antibody, two lysine residues of p21, located at aminoacid sites 161 and 163, were identified as Tip60-mediated acetylation targets for the first time. Detection of adriamycin-induced p21 acetylation, which disappeared after Tip60 depletion with concomitant destabilization of p21 and disruption of G1 arrest, suggested that Tip60-mediated p21 acetylation is necessary for DNA damage-induced cell-cycle regulation. The ability of 2KQ, a mimetic of acetylated p21, to induce cell-cycle arrest and senescence was significantly enhanced in p21 null MEFs compared with those of cells expressing wild-type p21. Together, these observations demonstrate that Tip60-mediated p21 acetylation is a novel and essential regulatory process required for p21-dependent DNA damage-induced cell-cycle arrest. Cell Death and Differentiation advance online publication, 14 December 2012; doi:10.1038/cdd.2012.159


First author of CDD paper

Lee, Min-Sik